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Photography has been a life long interest and now passion of mine. My Dad was very instrumental in planting the seed at a very young age. He used to shoot weddings, portraits, nature and a bit of everything in between. The room that became my bedroom as a young boy used to be his dark room and I can still remember having bottles of developer, stopper and fixer at the end of my bed.

Some of my fondest memories are going out with my Dad and spending the day shooting all sorts of things with our all manual SLR's. We would then spend countless hours in the dark room processing film and making prints. The anticipation and excitement of putting photo paper into developer and slowly seeing the image appear in front of my eyes is one of those magical experiences of a bygone era I'll treasure for ever.

Film was and still is a great medium but being a geek I can't wait to see where digital technology and innovation is going to take us next in the world of photography. Saying that I still like to grab a roll of film and a SLR from my collection and enjoy the process of shooting film.

The vastly contrasting worlds of Astro and Macro photography are both subjects I like to shoot when I can and they keep me on my toes with their complexity and constant learning.
Being able to capture a tiny insect that no one would normally even notice or the mind blowing expanse of a galaxy millions of light years away never ceases to amaze me and inspires me to keep shooting, learning and sharing.

When ever the clouds start to roll in and the hint of a storm may approach I am constantly checking weather sites for the latest information so as to make a plan for the chase . It's a great thrill to spend the night chasing lightening and then to be able to stand and watch in total awe of mother nature and the light show she puts on. Freezing those split second moments of stunning power and beauty into a photo sure is the icing on the cake.

As well as running my own IT business, I'm a martial arts instructor, president of the both the local camera club and astronomy group, RSL committee member, Scinapse: Midwest Science Engagement Group committee member and photography/astronomy educator.

I currently reside with my wife and young son in the coastal town of Geraldton in the Midwest of Western Australia.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiry any time and I hope you have a great day.


Ken Lawson


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