Peacock Jumping Spiders

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I noticed that I have a few jumping spiders living in my front yard. After watching them I noticed they displayed some characteristics of peacock jumping spiders but I didn’t think that they where in this area. After consulting with a expert I now know that they are indeed peacock jumping spiders, Maratus Montanus. These tiny guys are awesome to watch. Thank you so much Dr. Jurgen Otto for the ID.

_MG_7669 _MG_7686 _MG_7694 _MG_7701 _MG_7707 _MG_7720 _MG_7735 _MG_7739 _MG_7751 _MG_7586 _MG_7587 _MG_7599 _MG_7622 _MG_7626 _MG_7638 _MG_7648 _MG_7651 _MG_7664 _MG_7665


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